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The Rest of My Beach Journal Pages

I gathered stuff from the beach during our walks and sketched them later.  I also tried to sketch at the Snack Shack each morning when we were having our morning coffee in the nice cool breeze. 

This is a sketch of the front doors to the food area - and the same man was in his chair reading the newspaper 4 mornings in a row.


One morning we sat at a table behind an artist who was painting the ocean view in oils.  I'm not sure that he even knew that I sketched him. 


Beach Treasures: Shells and Seaweed

Every morning the beach was different.  We were amazed that the types of shells varied each day - and on our final morning there was seaweed for the first time and only smooth shell fragments and small rocks.




Seagulls and Terns kept us company on our walks.  I took lots of photos of them with my zoom lens because they wouldn't let us get very close.  The photos were used to create this page.




I can smell the ocean breeze and hear the birds calling. Looks like a lovely time. Thanks, for sharing.

Another great beachy collection...I was fascinated by the sketch of the man painting...very cool! :)

Your subtle palette compliments these beach scenes so much! And I love your hydrangea!


more great sketches Shirley...my you are a busy lady!

They are wonderful sketches -- looks very peaceful. I really like your seashells and the sketch of the person painting!

Oh I love all of these, too! Wonderful memories!

Love these beach sketches. The muted palette ives them a dreamlike quality. Thank you for sharing your lovely beach weekend with us!

Love your sketches, looking at them makes me travel, it's like taking a little vacation! Your sketch of the painter in front of the ocean is awesome, too.

Fabulous sketches, Shirley. I especially like the birds, you captured them perfectly!

Memoirs of a perfect day at the beach, so varied and interesting - certainly very paintable!

Great sketches. I find drawing people hard as they move so much. Isn't it nice of the one man to "sit" for you four days in a row and for the oil painter to be so into his painting he didn't notice you drawing him!? Love your bird sketch a lot.

What lovely dreamy pages.

I love these sketches they are calm and peaceful -

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