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Every Day in May - 11



EDM Challenge #169 Draw a Piece of Cake: This loose interpretation of the challenge was done the last day of April and never posted because of the Every Day in May Challenge which started the next day.  So I uploaded it now with EDM Challenge #170.


EDM Challenge #170  Draw a Zipper:  This is a still unused Swarovski crystal zipper.  Each zipper tooth has a rhinestone set into it creating a single line of rhinestones when the zipper is closed.  I wish I could have captured the sparkle in paint, but that is totally beyond my skills!



Both drawings are great...the zipper one is fabulous...so well detailed!

I really like these. They're executed so simply, yet nothing more is needed.

WONDERFUL sketches, Shirley!! SUPER SUPER job on that zipper! I hope you had a fabulous mother's day!

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