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Every Day in May - 10



We had a weekend filled with grandchildren - all 4 who live in NYC on Friday and my daughter's 3 children for the whole weekend.  When the two oldest are here overnight (ages 4 and 3), we try to have at least one movie night to allow them to stay up late and see a favorite classic movie from our children's childhood.  This Saturday night it was Pete's Dragon - released in 1977.  Elliott, a flying dragon, helps children in trouble.   In the movie he protects the orphaned Pete and helps him find a new family - tranforming the town of Passamaquoddie in the process.



Ok you had a fun fabulous, exhausting Mother's Day weekend - I KNOW - we Had 2 grands last weekend (age 2 and 5) and I felt like I had run a marathon! What a fun movie theme night they will remember forever, and the zipper sounds fabulous as well as an interesting sketch subject.

I remember Pete's dragon... it was a family favourite when I was little ;)

I love all your pictures :)

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