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Every Day in May - 12: Face Practice




This is my year to practice drawing faces - and I alternate between photos and works by other artists.  Yesterday was complicated - with Grandparents' Day at nursery school for 3 of my grandchildren and then work.  Because of an evening program at work I didn't get home until 9PM and while watching the last episode of Medium for the year, I turned to Leonardo for inspiration.  This drawing is in the Uffizi (and on my postcard!).  The face is too long, but before I started sketching daily in Jan. 2006, I probably wouldn't have even tried this sketch.  I am putting all figure and face sketches in my second recycled book which is dedicated to this 2008 goal.  The first book for figures and faces was a recycled Michaelangelo sonnet book in which I incorporated some of the original pages of his drawings.  This is a book entitled Painting Made Easy.  The original pages left among the watercolor paper folios don't provide the same inspiration!


Shirley, I think that is a marvellous idea! And you did wonderfully. I am going to take a leaf from your book and attempt this as well. We can learn so much from the masters!

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