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I periodically love to walk and sketch random things - in ink - building up a sketchbook page.  Last week I did several pages like this - just for quick fun and memories. 

The first page was done while I wandered through many bead stores in the Garment District with a friend.  I loved some of the designs.


We picked Robbie and Sydney up at Nursey School on Friday and took them to the Central Park Toy Boat Pond to play.  There were many remote control sailboats on the pond so I sketched one as it passed by.  Sydney found a one inch rubber charm of a summer "flip-flop" and she played with it for part of the afternoon.



Love the first one especially....making a journal of your life....and whats not to like about a toyboat and flip flops...

Shirley, I really admire you for sketching while shopping! I've never tried that one. These are really nice pages - you inspire me to get out and get to work.

Charming sketches of lazy day travels, again it is the everyday matters that make our lives rich. You will love Montreal/Quebec - it was many years ago I visited and must go back, I have forgotten so much. You better sketch TONS!

Hi! I love what you're doing. I work at a Democratic nonprofit and I'd love to ask you to draw something for us. Would you ever consider that? And do you have a sense of what your rates would be? It's a relatively simple drawing and one you've done before!

Your sketches are great. I'd like to use some in an educational project. Please contact me. Thanks!

Love it love it ... I should do that of my desk space ... theres just so much STUFF lying about everywhere ....

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