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Everyday in May-1


I debated whether to participate in this challenge again this year.  I sketch everyday, but last year in May uploaded each sketch instead of just posting a sketchbook page several times each week.  It definitely was more time consuming and I had to force myself to remain free in my choice of subject each day instead of worrying about "a published piece."  I finally decided that it might be good for me to again post each day's journal page - they certainly are reflective of a very eclectic art interest and maybe I can break through the "performance anxiety" a little more.

Yesterday I painted a sketch of a townhouse that I love.  You can see it from one of the upper floor exhibit galleries on the north side of MoMA - and it is breathtakingly beautiful nestled among two rather plain and uninteresting buildings.  I sketched it from the MoMA gallery window earlier this year in my daily Moleskine watercolor sketchbook and posted it with sketches from several museum visits.  But I wanted to have a sketch in my NYC "travel" sketchbook as well.  The first sketch was done "live" and very quickly.  The second was done from several photos that I have.





What a beautiful building! I love your sketches.

I love old buildings. This is a lovely drawing.

Wonderful....I'll look forward to seeing the next 30!

I like this building sketch very much. I admire the simplicity, wish I could do that!

A very lovely drawing. How I wish I was out sketching in New York!!

Your card players are fabulous, and I always love your buildings!

Quite a nice group of sketches! I really like the depth you created in the townhouse!

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