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EDM Challenge #168: Draw Your Newspaper


I couldn't do a serious sketch of our newspaper, because I never read it.  The New York Times is delivered to our apartment by 6:30 each day and I dutifully bring it inside for my husband.  However, I have many things to do that are higher on my personal priority list and I get my news from the WNBC Early Morning Show, WNYC NPR radio during the day in my office, and the Lehrer news hour in the evening.  So with this challenge, I bring you a charming paper hat made from the front page of yesterday's newspaper!


what a fun post...arent those gothic olde english fonts wonderful...

Clever girl! Love your approach to the challenge.

Very cool sketch!

Fun, fun, fun! I thought of doing something similar, but have had eye troubles this week, I think I'll just enjoy your interpretation.


LOL Very cute and clever!

A great illustration..creative and cool! :)

lol! great take on the subject Shirley, and beautiful lettering of the masthead. I also enjoyed reading about news consumption in your household!

What a FUN approach to this rather bland challenge- such fun, and you are so right about that NYT banner and now much we miss in our everyday lives - Great spin and a fun hat for one of the grandkids .

hee-hee-hee! Perfect!!! I love it! Great take on it!

A cute sketch Shirley and great work on the lettering!

Awesome! I love the sketch and the twist of the paper hat too

Love the idea of a paper hat (brings back memories from long ago when they were all that was available for parties) and think the text is amazingly good especially the newspaper title.

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