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Old Memories

In the mid-60s my husband sent me a series of 12" by 16" animal cards and we matted them (couldn't afford framing) for the baby's room when our first child was born.  They remained in the boys' bedroom for the 4 years we lived in LaJolla, California and then they were put away with some other prints for safe-keeping.  Last weekend, and two homes later, I found them and decided to sketch and paint all 5 animals - the first 3 across a double page spread in my Moleskine watercolor journal and the last 2 on separate pages and subsequent days.  These were from a commercial card company and the back half of the cards with the publisher's trademark are long gone.







So many little things that we can find joy in, aren't there? I painted a wall mural of 'Rainbow brite' on our DD's wall when they were little and a picture can momentarily transport me back to those sweet years of cuddles and bedtime stories.

These are so sweet! What a wonderful way to remember their childhood.

Shirley - I got a little tear in my eye, with the picture of you and your husband anticipating your children, (but probably not your grandchildren at that stage). It felt for a moment I was a friend of the family. Art doesn't get much better than that!

So adorable!

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