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EDM Challenge #167: Something That Needs Fixing


My husband gave me this antique gold Elgin ladies' pendant watch as a wedding present.  When very pregnant with our first child, I sat down for a cup of coffee and the watch, which was hanging down over my big belly, plunged into the cup.  Ever since then watchmakers have been puzzled by the rust on the movements and no repair has lasted very long.  I still wear it to work and use it to attach my required ID - not to tell time.  It has a wonderful patina and still has great sentimental value.


Very nice...love the delicate colors

It looks like a very nice watch. I have a Hamilton that was my wife's grandfathers pocket watch. Not quite as nice as this one though. You did a nice job of drawing it. I can hear it ticking.

Very lovely drawing and color palette...so soft and feminine...:)

Great fluid interpretation of a gorgeous treasure. Thanks for sharing Shirley. ;+)

What a lovely memory page, You captured the soft rusty patina perfectly. I think the coffee baptism while you were pregnant is also very memorable - and still in use today!! Wonderful memories and a great entry.

Wow, I love the shine and reflection on that piece on the right. Gorgeous!

This is so pretty - I love the colors. You captured the reflection and surface just right.

What a wonderful gift! you have done a great job re creating this beauty. Im sorry it doesn't work anymore

great choice for the challenge, great story and great sketch Shirley, nicely done!

It looks like a beautiful piece, shirley, and this is a wonderful drawing of it.

Beautifully drawn and painted. Love the memory that goes with it.

Very nice work. I enjoyed looking through your drawings. Thanks for stopping by at my blog.

I just took a look at your paintings and I just cant find the words to describe how I adore you and your work.
keep on the wonderful work. :)

Drawings have so much more value when they hold special memories ...

I love your pendant Shirley...must be the caffeine overload that got to the pendant...

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