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EDM Challenge #166: Draw a Fish


This is one fish from an entire row of fish (face to face and back to back) in a stone wall that forms the entrance to the main door of the Ukrainian Institute at 5th Ave and 79th Street in New York City.  It was much more difficult to sketch than I thought because I kept getting lost in the flourishes.  I also wasn't able to show the 3-dimensionality of it as much as I wanted because I needed to keep the stone lighter in color than the background.   I decided to post it anyway and then sketched and painted 3 of my favorite fish designs just to be colorful and playful.  This image was taking from a small area of the background on a Tibetan painting at the Rubin Museum of Art in New York. 




I like them both, but the first one is my favorite.

These are really nice! The fish on the stone wall looks very intricate, you did a great job with it. And the colorful fish are a lot of fun.

I love your unique interpretation of this challenge!

I like them...particularly the first one...great job

These are both just gorgeous! Love them.

Love, love, love the stone carving! :)

Oh Shirley you are so cosmopolitan!! How lucky to have such amazing models!! I Adore the fence fish, it is a unique sculpture on its own and you captured it very well. And the Tibetan fish are such a fun whimsical contrast, great work on this challenge!!

I think you did a great job on the stone fish, Shirley, these are always really tricky. I adore the Tibetan fish - never seen these before.

I love the color blendings on the second paintings. Beautiful!

I love them both! But the flying fish are especially cool.

These are both so COOL! Don't think I can come up with a "favorite" on this, I really like them both. Great take on this challenge.

Shirley, these are great. I love the colors of the fish. I know just what you mean about getting lost in the drawing! That happens to me all the time.

Gorgeous fish Shirley! Very intricate.

Oh these fish are absolutely lovely! I just stumbled on your blog by accident and your watercolors are darling! I've actually been hunting around on the internet trying to find this exact fish motif, and trying to put a name to it! I've been wanting to find more reference material so I can better decorate my kitchen but i simply can NOT find what these stone-carved fish and flourishes are called! Any ideas?

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