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EDM Challenge #160: Draw an Award or Trophy

This barely qualifies as an award, but I couldn't find the quilt ribbons I received many years ago, and I've been thinking of sketching it anyway. 

In July 2005 I reconfigured my job description and gave up clinical medicine and training of young physicians - retaining my role in the medical school  3 days per week.  I wanted to have more time to spend with my grandchildren and just have fun.  My hospital colleagues presented me with this lovely clock which now sits on a shelf in our apartment library.  I tell everyone that it is the wristwatch commonly given to men at retirement!



Saturday I received the Kind Heart Award from Mellanie - and the award is so pretty that I wanted to post it here and thank her. 


I don't know where the award originated, but appreciate the kind sentiment.  EDM is a wonderful community of fellow artists - all working hard to improve their skills, and support and inspire others.  I am grateful for the advice so freely given on our message board and the comments left on my blog that spur me on.  I'm hoping that everyone who sees this on the EDM Superblog will realize that it is a really big thank you from me to the active members of EDM. 





The clock is lovely, and isn't it nice to have a useful "award"!

SUPER job (and congratulations) on both, Shirley!!! I love the flower color, and the clock -- I so agree -- I'd prefer this type of 'watch' than any other!!!

Congratulations on both awards Shirley! And for being a continuous inspiration. I always think of you when I'm feeling lazy about drawing and it gts me going.

Thank you for the lovely comment on my cow issue. It was so nice to have comments.

That clock is lovely, I love how you did the subtle texture on the frontpiece. From time to time, I lurk on your blog and love the simplicity of some of your sketches like the towel one.

Thank you for the lovely comments on my honeysuckle vines for EDM. It is so very nice to have the feedback. I love the clock award, such nice warm colors. I peeked around a bit on your blog and your works are just wonderful, I enjoyed viewing them very much. The sketches of buildings and storefronts in particular caught my eye. I'd never thought of that as a possible subject, but now, hmmmmm....

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