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First House


Gill at Journal Craft Inspiration has several "Floor Plan" drawings on her blog for inspiration and I thought I would give it a try.  My first home, from birth through 3rd grade, was a second floor apartment in this house in Clifton, New Jersey.  I had no problem remembering the floor plan and had fun making the memory page.  I am an only child and had my bed on the living room couch.  When I was sick, my blanket and pillow remained there during the day giving rise to the concept of a "sick bed" which I always created for my children on the family room couch when they were home from school.  Now my daughter and oldest son do it for their children. 


Wonderful post from sketch to wording. I like that you sketched both the floor plan and the house.

I like the combination of house and floor plan. Funny how traditions are built and why...

What a wonderful journal page, I will have to think about this one myself. And the sick bed is another page you can/should create. Lovely memories.

I'm so impressed that you can remember your first home and the floor plan. Maybe we moved too often but I don't remember any homes until the house where I lived from 5th grade through high school. Yours looks so very homey.

It works very nicely having each room a different colour. We had a 'sick child bag' with interesting novelties in it - days before TV and DVDs mothers had to find other ways to amuse bedridden children.

These paintings make me want to draw floor plans.

These are really cool!
My parents did the sofa "sickbed", too, and my dad would get me a new coloring book. Of course we did that for our own children as well.

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