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Housingworks Book Cafe


This is the wonderful used book store where I find my perfect-sized $1.00 books for recycling.  It is a lovely bookstore - well organized and cozy.  There is a cafe and tables for browsing and reading - and 3 carts always loaded with their oldest and most unloved books for $1.00.  All proceeds go for AIDS research and support.  My favorite that I purchased this week was Parnassus on Wheels - a short novel by Christopher Morley - complete with lovely ink illustrations.  Of course I had to read the entire book as soon as I got home. 


What a wonderful place to spend an afternoon! TERRIFIC JOB, Shirley!!!!

Hey! I spotted one of my 'wire figures' in your sketch! That guy gets around!!!! Oh, to have such a place.....only one used bookstore in town but their prices are way too high for used books....I know, she has to pay the rent! Can't wait to see your finished recycled book!

Oh you lucky New Yorker you - what fun all around. I simply cannot find a sketchbook with the qualities I desire so book making is in my future!!BUT I think I have a hammer thumb problem now, so binding may have to wait ;-(

What a great drawing. I so wish I was there!

You sure are a lucky lady ... and what a lovely thing to draw too - I love drawings of buildings. Don't know why I don't do more myself!

And on the theme of buildings, loved the floor plan too ;)

What a great building - and you've done a really good job rendering it.
I'm still interested in working on our project of drawing from a painting, by the way. I've just got to choose one that I can get regular access to.

This is a really great sketch. Your grays are so soft and lovely.

Hey! I just had that book in my hand at the library yesterday, made a mental note for furture reading (like next time I'm there). Gosh, I miss having a really great used book store close. This one sounds perfect. Love this sketch!

I like your sketch and great lettering.

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