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More Face and Figure Practice

I still try to practice faces and figures as much as possible since this is one of my goals for 2008.  Here are a few that I haven't posted previously.


 This was a traditional photo that I tried to stylize in the sketch.


A watercolor sketch from another magazine advertisement.  I tried to minimize the amount of ink in the drawing and to work on mixing watercolor skin tones. 


When I was shopping for more watercolor pencils at Pearl Paint, I found the eye, nose, and mouth sketch on the left on the "test pad" hanging on the cabinet containing the pencils.  I had to rip it off to test my pencils and since there was no longer anyone around, I brought it home for my own practice.  I'm in awe of someone who could quickly dash these off - and tried to do the same.


This was a bad experiment!  I wanted to try the Mars Lumograph black pencil and my Cretacolor white pencil on a scrap of brown sketching paper.  The brown color is just too dark to really see the sketch, so I'll go back and buy a lighter tan for more experimentation.



Great sketches shirley...and your nose and eye are just as good. Hope you left yours there then for the next person to grab!

I think you did a great job with these! Do you have a smudge stick! Looks like the artist on the note pad may have use one on those. Cracks me up sometime where our teachers show up.

Love your stuff, your figures are especially good ! Would like to share a tip I recently learnt that's helped a ton with drawing eyes: try avoid making the corners of eyes as sharp, pointy corners...if you make them more oval shape, your eyes will be perfect, as you;ve got the basics down pat. You're drawing what your brain regards as "an eye", rather than the actual shape.....not a crit, just hoping this will help you as much as it helped me.

Keep going, you're doing fab !


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