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EDM Challenge #164: Draw a Camera


My two oldest grandchildren started to show an interest in my point-and-shoot digital camera just as they turned 3 (because I take so many pictures of them)!  I taught them how to hold it carefully, focus until the green light came on, then shoot.  They LOVED taking pictures and when unsure what we could get them for their birthday, we bought each the Fisher-Price children's digital camera.  It is very simple, but can actually take reasonable photos.  We recently took our cameras around the neighborhood, and my granddaughter took one photo - straight ahead- for every 10-12 steps she took!  I had to delete a few from the card so she could capture the building at the end of our walk, the external facade of the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  I uploaded their JPEGs to their own folders on my computer and each got to select one for a 5 X 7" print to take home.  The only down-side of these cameras for them is battery use! 


What a great grandma you are, what fun memories for all of you in memory and print, and now this fabulous page in your journal. I know they will be sketching with you soon!! I think you win Best Camera (s)!!

fun...you are a great grandmother!!

Those are such cute cameras! Great sketch, and I agree, you are a fun grandma.

Sweet drawings...and a lovely gift...very special! :)

Shirley, how cool! I didn't know there was such a thing, and your rendition is just wonderful...I'll bet they love them!

Wow! Look how far digital has come!I had no idea these were out there. I think it is cool that they are getting into photography so young

What a fun activity for you all.

I love thse drawings, Shirley! And when do they get their first sketchbooks?

My! They sure do start young nowadays!

You do make Grandmotherhood sound delightful, Shirley! What magical memories you all will have.

I have just come across your blog, and have to say how wonderful your work is, I love it!

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