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Tulips, Callum's Sneakers, and Annabelle's Bear

My daughter brought me tulips on the 18th to celebrate Spring.  I tried to be really loose sketching and painting them.


Last Friday my daughter brought Callum to stay with us for 5 days - I love having my grandchildren here alone with us.  After he had his bath and went to bed, I sketched his really cute little shoes.  Without sketching and painting them, I'm not sure that I would have ever really noticed they are blue gray and lime green.  These 7wide little feet have certainly grown beautifully since he was born 6 weeks early in London one year ago.


When Callum's cousin Annabelle was born on Saturday, I decided to sketch and paint the bear that I made to celebrate her birth.  Tomorrow we will go to meet her and visit my son and daughter-in-law for the weekend and the bear will take her first train ride.  I love watching my children become parents - they are all so much in love with these little guys!






Beautiful watercolor sketch but your new granddaughter is much sweeter. I love how babies scrunch legs and arms.

How totally precious...How will you ever have time for your art now?? Enjoy your new little bundle of love! :)

Now that baby is just precious beyond words. Great photo.

Such great sketches, Shirley. The tulips are wonderfully loose and charming. The photo of your granddaughter is adorable---what a rosy little bundle she is! I love all the patterns and blacks and whites, too.

Nicely done!!! I love the looseness of the tulips -- and the photo with the baby and kittie -- so tender and touching!!!!! Congratulations, again, Nonna .. enjoy!!

Congratulations on that precious baby...nothing better than another little one to love and spoil!

I also love love love all your drawings especially the tulips. I think you accomplished the looseness of that one. Just Beautiful!

Oh She is Absolutely Adorable!!!! How wonderful, you have such an exciting week with Callum visiting and another new granddaughter to welcome into your heart. I adore these sketches, so pure and fresh and Un- overworked!! The tulips = Perfect, the shoes = precious, the bear= cheerful, the baby = PRICELESS!

I love tulips. You did a great job, especially with the variation of color on the leaves and stems. The tennis shoes are so cute. Congratulations on your growing family.

Your granddaughter is just beautiful. I hope you have lots of fun together drawing and painting beautiful things.

She is adorable! I love having my Grand babies! His little shoes are a kick too!

Lovely tulips and the most precious little baby! Love the watercolors of all the baby things and little boy's sneakers.

What a darling baby...I know you are tickled to death! And lovely sketches ....childrens shoes are so sweet!

great job with tulips!
I love the tennis shoes:)
Congratulations on your growing family.

Shirley, I don't know how you manage to fit so many wonderful activities into your busy life. You really are an inspiration. The pink teddy is gorgeous and I'm sure it will be treasured forever. Your tulips make a wonderful sketch, easy, loose and totally lovely. I saved the best for last - what a wonderful photograph of that tiny, tiny rose bud of a little girl and the curiosity of that big, big, cat. Enchanting.

What a sweetie pie - plus there are the pink socks!!! Can you tell I'm reading backwards ;)

How on earth can Callum be big enough for shoes like that. I guess he isn't THE BABY any more.......

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