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Recycled Book #5

I love making recycled books in order to replace the text block with watercolor paper.  This is another one of my $1.00 books and is the perfect size for me - 5.5 inches X 7.5 inches.  And it is portrait orientation which I really prefer.  I was only able to buy Arches 140lb HP paper the day I went to Pearl Paint so I used it for books #4 and 5.  My next book will have Fabriano 140lb HP so I'll be able to compare.  Someday soon I hope to teach myself (or take a one day workshop) to learn how to make my own covers.  I love traditional book covers and by the time that I recycle them, they are wonderfully worn and unbelievably sturdy.  I also really enjoy having pages from the original book included - it adds a certain charm that I love.  I don't know what material I would use if I made my own covers.



This book is a series of lectures by CP Snow on Science and Government.  Seemed really fitting for my career in science/medicine since I've depended on government funding for programs in the medical school my entire life.  Here is the original title page - the book was published in 1961 and is >50 years old like my other forgotten, almost discarded, recycled books.   


I selected end papers of E.H. Shepherd's original Pooh drawings.  Our daughter's house in London was not far from A.A.Milne's home, CP Snow is from the UK, and Pooh's befuddled, bemused expressions seemed to  fit the theme of politicians wanting the best science, but always cutting the government science budgets to train physicians and support research.    


  I also used the Pooh paper to cover the small gaps between signatures.  I actually love working on those pages and will probably always add these pieces, even if I get better at sewing the signatures together.         





This is fascinating to me! I must have missed earlier discussions on recycled books for sketchbooks. Thanks for posting and the links. Your books are lovely:)

So sweet...YOur collection is fantastic....thanks for sharing.

Looking fab Shirley! I was inspired by you and your book recycling projects and have made one from paper from an old sketchbook that had about a fifth of its papers used up, and the cover from a book my other half was about to throw in the bin called 'good health for the future'! about reflexology ... Have used some of the colourful drawings of feet from inside as end papers ...

Two unloved books, combined to make a loved one! You've really inspired me and now I'm constantly on the lookout for quirky covers ;)

It looks GREAT, Shirley! I've used a couple of old book covers, too...it's fun! LOVE the Pooh paper...

This is something I really want to try for my contemplative sketchbooks. THanks for the inspiration. I got some wonderful antique books very cheaply but I couldn't bear to cut them up, so I'll have to get some more recent boring books to use. And I'll be back here for further inspirations! THanks.

I love seeing your recycles books. I'm thinking I'd like to make one for my new figure drawing class. It's time I'm lacking! This one is wondeful!

What an unexpected title from CP Snow, I read his Red Star Over China when I was very young and it led to my living in Hong Kong for two years during the Cultural Revolution! Years later I shared office space with Snow's stepdaughter! I do enjoy reading about your recycled books.

There is such a feast of lovelly posts here Shirley I don't know what to comment on first! I do love your painting of Pearl Paints. Do you ever wonder who has shopped there over the years? Certainly not me, unfortunately.

Lots of lovely posts. These shepard papers are beautiful - have you read his book 'Drawn from Life'? I can't imagine an art shop with 5 levels - I think I would be so intimidated, I wouldn't be able to buy anything!

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