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The Baby Quilt is Finished


We're expecting our 5th grandchild in 3 weeks and I just finished hand quilting the baby quilt!  I used to love to hand quilt in the evening and now I spend much of the time playing with my sketchbook.  Last year Callum's baby quilt was unfinished when he was born in London 6 weeks early - so I'm pleased that I was able to meet my deadline this year.


Oh, wow! It looks so great... I'm sure she's going to LOVE IT as much as I do. (And congratulations on having a finished quilt before I have a finished baby!)

It's been a few years since I've made a quilt. This is precious Shirley! BTW, I'm still enjoying the lemon squares. Made a batch yesterday for a dinner at friends...they loved them too!

VERY PRETTY, Shirley!!! And congratulations on #5!!! WOW!!!! I can just imagine Christmas at YOUR house!!!!!! Post pix please when the baby comes!

Wonderful! A quilter amoung the sketchers and painters...me too! I just found your site a few weeks ago and love the bits and pieces. I have a granddaughter coming in July and the shower is in two weeks. The quilt is on my couch waiting for me to finish binding it. So I too might be "timely" for this child. Thank you for sharing your quilt, it was a wonderful surprise this AM.
Sally in San Diego CA

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