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EDM Challenge #157: Draw a Towel


This sketch was inspired by a photo of my grand daughter after a bath.  The blue and white puppy towel probably belongs to one of her brothers, but on this night it was hers.  Unfortunately I am not good enough to make the sketch look like her.  Maybe next year!  For now I can just be happy that I am putting faces on my figures - a huge accomplishment for 2008.


Wonderful drawing.....love the soft color, and your granddaughter is adorable!

Absolutely adorable and quite expressive. Your faces are so outstanding I am sure you will capture the expressions of your grands soon. Congratulations on a charming "towel" entry! Now on to popcorn!

Oh, Shirley, that's so cute! You really have a knack for faces, she has a wonderful expression. And I like that little wisp of hair sticking out.

This is so sweet! You are doing so well with faces - love that expression :)

THAT is a great drawing and your grand-daughter is so cute! She looks like a fun girl!

Shirley I think you've done a delightful job with your little love. I find that, like you, I can produce a better likeness of someone I love. I suppose it's the hours of observation that we've put in without noticing.

What an adorable towel covered little head! Great interpretation of the EDM challenge. Wishing you a Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Well done on conquering face-phobia! We both know how liberating that can be!!!

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