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Figure and Face Practice



I'm enjoying drawing figures and faces and hope to upload a few of my practice sketches each week.

Both of these sketches were from photographs and each was done with watercolor pencils.  I wet the figure and left the face dry. 


NICELY, NICELY DONE SHIRLEY! I think the figure is especially superb -- such delicate linework ... fine shading ... just beautifully done!

Shirley, these are both just great, but you know I love that portrait a lot!!

Very very nice drawings! I love the texture also!

So nice to see you're keeping with your art goals for the year. I really like the hair on that face ... its so 'free' and sketchy. I think hair is one of those really difficult things to tackle, and you've done it beautifully!

Good luck!

These are both fantastic! The shading on the figure is really done well and I, too, like the expressive line work on the hair :)

You've got a pastel lady here too Shirley! Glad you're enjoying a regular practice of drawing. I find that the fascination with the face never grows old!

The portrait is GREAT! Love her hair! The figure drawing is very good too! One of these days I'd like to take a figure drawing class...in the meantime, I'll enjoy your learning and sharing.

I am reminded of Boticelli and Venus! These are very well done! I am hoping to get to the monthly figure session at the museum this Thursday for some serious practice. I so much want to take a figure drawing class, maybe one day when I cut back on work...not anytime soon.

Really really nice, your faces, all of them. I'm into faces too.....and they're sure not easy. Great job.

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