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EDM Challenge #153: Lemon Soap Wrapped in Plastic


Four lemon-scented soaps in a clear plastic bag, purchased during our October 2005 visit to Sorrento, Italy: 

I need to spend time working with reflections - more now than ever!  It took me several days to find something to sketch and paint - and then I could see the reflections on the plastic, but just couldn't make them sparkle.  I know that these areas should be bright white, and the next time I try this I will mask the areas and try that. 


Very nicely done lemons in a bag......Looks just fine, so well in fact, I swear I can smell their freshness!

I can smell the soap, see the lemon trees and feel the pebbly shore of the Mediterranean. I love your lemons!!!

Great drawing!

Well it is obvious lemons in plastic !! I think it is probably key to have really good paper etc to get any good light reflections - this was a truly challenging challenge! Nicely done. I too will probably revisit this subject.

I think you did a great job on this. It was a difficult challenge, but you really pulled it off! The lemons are such a lovely color.

I really must work up the courage to try something wrapped in plastic - preferably not a body ;) I love your lemon soaps, Shirley and I can imagine you buying them. I tracked down some myself the other day and some Italian lemon hand lotion - I have a obsession with it and so few people seem to make it these days.

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