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EDM Challenge #152: Draw Nuts


We keep salted white pistachio nuts in a hand blown glass bowl on our coffee table (when the grandchildren aren't there) or on the fireplace mantle (when they are).  There is no relationship between the size of the nuts on the napkin and those in the bowl - I just wanted to sketch some bigger. 


simple and lovely - and yummy!
if that jar were in our house you'd have nothing to sketch but shells!

What a great job, Shirley -- yes, don't we all LOVE these nuts!!!!!

Really very nice, I like those soft colors!

Perfect, and I love pistachios

Lovely! I like the interesting colors you used.

Looking at the differences between your sketches from "life" and those from magazines, makes me think I should check to see if mine have that much variation. I agree that faces and bodies are VERY challenging. Maybe there's a part of our brain that is EXTRA critical about how accurate our rendition is... since knowing the difference between Mike and Mitchell could be important, but knowing one pistachio from another probably doesn't matter all that much.

Love your approach to the pistachios! They are depicted so loosely, but so effectively.

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