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Faces and Face Parts

One of my Goals for 2008 is to learn how to draw faces.  In preparation, I purchased two complementary books which I read and now will use as references as I work myself through a series of photos to understand the basics.

Carrie Stuart ParksSecrets to Drawing Realistic Faces: The is portrait drawing as taught by a forensic artist and she covers every part of the face individually.

John RaynesDrawing and Painting People: This is a more complex book, covering drawing and painting faces, facial expressions, and poses.

Here are a few of my first practice pieces.  I really do need to learn how to sketch with pencil without smudging it all over the page!  I wanted to have a reasonable number of baseline sketches so I can redo them at the end of 2008 to see if my concentrated effort will improve my skills. 



I came down with a head cold at work on Thursday and in the evening this photo for a spa advertisement looked very tempting and soothing.  So I sketched it.







You're well on your way, Shirley!!! BEautiful work here -- you'll succeed at this as you've done all last year -- Congrats on setting your goals and sticking with it! looking forward to seeing MORE! FAces are something I'm still avoiding! LOL

Shirley, I don't know why you've been avoiding faces. These are already very good. I particularly love your relaxed spa face. Your dedication is inspiring and proof that practice makes perfect indeed. Hope you are over that cold soon.

I'll be watching your blog, looks like you're off to a great start! Good luck!

You are so talented with faces, And the spa one actually made me say Ahhhh - I have the same cold!

These are great Shirley. Here I am slogging along doing my 50 portraits and you pop out these wonderful faces. Maybe I need to get your books :)

Wow. Well it will be interesting to see the comparison a year from now. These are all such great drawings! I especially like the spa face. What a great start with your goals!

Your January dates need 2008, not 2007. Oh, you're using the same dating system everyone uses until February or March of a new year! *lol*

Your faces are wonderful! You have mentally clicked on faces. Keep practicing, and it won't be long before you will be very much at ease with sketching faces.

A high angle with hand and pencil for the initial lines can help prevent smudging, and once you get into the drawing, it's worth having a piece of paper under the hand to prevent smudging. If you are going to spend a lot of time on a pencil drawing, a shot of workable fixative will help. It's easy to concentrate so much on the drawing that care of the materials can be forgotten.

I have a similar aim this year and you are already off to a good start.
I'll be watching! ;)

Happy 2nd Birthday! Your artwork is awesome!
I have the book by Carrie Parks also..I saw it this summer in B & N and knowing tht I didnt want JUST ANOTHER ART BOOK I was pleasantly surprise after thumbing through it. This is the typ of work Im striving for. I would love to take one of her classes.

Wow Shirley, these are fantastic. I completely understand about the hesitation in terms of drawing faces, I find them the most daunting by far, but you appear to be a natural–these look effortless.

One of the simplest tricks my dad taught me when I was very young (it is particularly helpful with faces) is to take the drawing and hold it up in front of a mirror (so you are looking at the drawing in the mirror). It's particularly useful when there's something not quite right but you can't tell what it is—it's amazing how quickly you can see what's out of whack when you look at it in the mirror.

I will be watching to see your progress, I have no doubt that you will master this very quickly, judging from your initial attempts. Brava!

Shirley you are such a consistent worker and artist - I do like to have a look at my blog feeds every few days and see what you have come up with next - always a pleasure to see your work. Like visiting a virtual 'old friend' - especially since I am no longer subscribed to the EDM group. I keep up with may of you via bloglines feeds, though - so I get to be inspired on a regular basis!.

Shirley, thank you for your comments on my blog, believe me it has been in the 40degree range lately well over the old 102 degrees and hot. I love looking at your blog, I hope your goals are achieved, and I love what you are doing with faces.

You are already really accomplished at drawing facial features. These are terrific. I'd love to know whether you recommend these books. When I was working on the Jack portrait I was wishing I understood more about the structure of the face. I was thinking it would be neat to study the muscles and bones too.

I have to agree with the above comments, Shirley. These look great. I have a head cold too and that spa advertisement has me ready to book a weekend!

Beautiful artwork.

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