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Happy 2nd Birthday to my Blog

Two years ago today I started my blog with an entry about the 3rd silk wedding chuppah that I made for one of our children's weddings.  Since then "paper," not "threads," has dominated my blog entries.  So for the birthday celebration today I selected my favorite threads project from this December - a pillow I made for my grand daughter Sydney.  Sydney's 3rd birthday was December 20th (her baby brother's is Dec 19th!), so I wanted to make one of our birthday presents something special.  This is the same pillow that I made for my daughter, Syd's Mom, when she was a similar age.   My daughter's reaction, when the present was opened, was more than I could have asked for.  Sydney's favorite color is orange and her new bedroom will be pale pink and pale orange. 


Here is the only photo that I have of the pillow that I made for our daughter in the late 1970s:


Although I was skeptical about creating a blog and sharing my "naive sketches,"  every minute of it has been a wonderful adventure. 

Tomorrow I will post "faces" that I've sketched the last few days to convince myself that I'm serious about this 2008 Goal.





Happy blog birthday Shirley! Gorgeous pillow.

What a wonderful, memorable gift and post to your blog - I Love the color combo - You are so talented and patient to create so many loving works of art in paper and threads!!! I made special blankets for my daughters with their names and eyelette lace trim, I made another one for my only grand daughter and hope to have more granddaughters! Happy Blog Birthday!!!

Oh Shirley!!!! This is so special!!! Thanks for sharing and congratulations on your 2nd birthday!

I have enjoyed your goals for 2008 which spurred me to list my on creativity goals in my journal. I would appreciate knowing what the EDM Challenge is.

It's not too often I take out one of my sewing machines these days. Years ago a few lived spread out about the house with various projects going! These days it's the paper and pencils/brushes along with yarn and knitting needles. Congrats on your 2nd year! I have enjoyed this past year so much coming by to visit often. My favorite are your London and New York posts. Thank you also for all the pre-London suggestions and advice. I loved the Turner exihbit at the Tate. I plan to stop by often this year as well as I am enjoying your progress and growth, but love the 'thread' posts also!

Congratulations, Shirley, on your two years of hard work and fantastic progress! You seem to enjoy it all so much, too, which adds to the fun of reading your blog.

Congratulations! It's so exciting to see how your persistence has led to such progress. Selfishly I'm glad you've focused on the paper since I love seeing your drawings of life in NY and London.

Happy belated birthday to your blog Shirley. I for one am so glad you started it. I've loved following your adventures since I first discovered your blog last year, and you already know how much I like your drawi!ng style. I'm looking forward to another sketch crawl in NYC (or maybe Paris?) one of these days.

Congratulations on two years of blogging! I too used to do a lot of sewing and now am "paper-oriented". But I do miss those projects. Kudos to you for pursuing both.

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