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Thanksgiving in New York


While my husband and I were preparing dinner for our 15th Annual NYC Family Thanksgiving holiday, cousins were balloon handlers for the giant Snoopy balloon in the Macy's parade.  This sketch was taken from a photo on the front page of the New York Times yesterday - showing the Kermit balloon floating down the Avenue.  We learned that it is really hard work!


Yesterday my 88 year old mother and I took the 5th Avenue bus down to Rockefeller Center to see the Christmas decorations and the annual tree.  Although it won't be lit until Wednesday night, the lights are already on the tree and the entire area around the skating rink is beautifully decorated and full of visitors.  This sketch was made from a photo that I took of one of the 3 soldiers on the north border of the rink.  It was really cold and outdoor sketching just wasn't going to happen!

I love the Christmas decorations in New York City - and even don't mind the crowds.  My, mother, who hasn't been in NYC for the holidays for many years, had a wonderful time.  She's amazing and kept up beautifully!




It's not easy being green - or carrying a green balloon either, I guess. Nicely drawn!

The photo and the holiday sketches are the best sketches of the whole weekend!!! Your mother is beautiful! I miss mine so much around this time. I love Kermit and so this first sketch has to be my favorite! What I'd give to see NYC at this time of year!!! I'm going to go to bed with visions of kermit and toy soldiers and sweet mama's ....thank you for such a joyful post!

The Kermit sketch is a hoot! *lol* The balloons are wonderful but dangerous. The handlers do have a difficult job.

Love your soldier, and your mother looks like she truly is having a good time.

Love your posts - it is great to have special memories with ones 88 year old Mother!
Enjoy the holidays.

Shirley -- I will never forget the Christmas my entire family -- including my soon-to-be 85 year old mom -- spend Thanksgiving in NY -- and Christmas a few years later -- so much FUN!! Macy's, storefronts filled with holiday enticements, just the SMELL of the holidays in the air -- always evocative and filled with anticipation and excitement -- I look at your wonderful sketches and feel that same Christmas/holiday preparations -- the glow on you mom's pretty face -- the balloons, description -- you make me homesick! LOL Super job, my friend!

Love your sketches! They bring back so many good memories of Thanksgiving holidays hubby and I spent in NYC. Thanks for sharing!

Happy Thanksgiving weekend, Shirley! I saw that photo, too, and loved it---fun to see your sketch of it. Your mother is beautiful! So glad you've had a good visit---sounds like it's been stimulating for everyone!

Love your sketches - especially the Kermit. My sweetie and I watched the parade on tv and talked about how much we love New York and dream of being there for Thanksgiving some year. How lucky you are. It sounds like you had such a great holiday. Thanks so much for sharing it with us.

I love the picture of your mom. she's cute!
Nice drawings too!

This image of Kermit is SO FUN!!! Love your perspective!!

Your top drawing made me laugh out loud! Great image... (and I liked the band person, too.) I hope I'm as good natured and cheery as your mom looks when I'm her age.) My daughter, her aunt and a bunch of cousins wrangled Oscar the Grouch last year in Philadelphia. I think they had a great time, but hoped for better (warmer & drier) weather in the future! I look forward to seeing more of your sketches. Thanks for posting (via EDM)

Love Kermies legs flying around the corner....great stuff! Great giggle for an early Monday morning going back to the trenches!

First of all Shirley, your mother is adorable, all bundled up in red - what fun. I know you moved her closer to you this summer and obviously she is very happy. Your balloon and marching band member capture the day's events vividly - Oh how I would love to see the Macy parade just once in person!!Just a terrific post!!

These sketches are just fun. The one of Kermit's feet is charming for its surprise, the toy soldier for the angle. Your mom looks like she is having a ball. This makes me want to come t New York!

Your mother looks beautiful, Shirley! I think I see a slight resemblance...Thank you for sharing the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade with us- New York is so much fun. Your sketches are wonderful - I love Kermit floating down the street, and the toy soldier is beautiful.

What a beautiful photo of your mother! At 88 I hope my smile will also reach wide to my ears and into my eyes like hers. Your sketches are full of fun, joy and thanksgiving spirit - The balloon is adorable! I also get excited with all the christmas decorations and just last night I couln't keep it in any linger...I had to hang three candle lanterns fom my balconies!

Shirley, the colour in your paintings is so beautiful, the softness of the shades is so perfect and I can imagine they would all look amazing lined up next to one another.

Your mother looks like the best possible person to share the wonder of Christmas in New York with!

(and, of course, with my Muppet mania, I absolutely LOVE the Kermit legs, great idea for a sketch)

My mom is 88 too! ANd my memory is of seeing the Nutcracker in NYC with my mom and grandma when i was 8.THanks for stirring up those memories.

I saw some of this parade on TV the other night. Up til then, I had never heard of it. What fun. I love your sketch of it.

Love the drawings!!!!!!

What a treat is your sketch of Kermit! As is your soldier.
You beautiful mother looks like I imagined Mary Christmas - yes I used to call Santa's wife Mary Christmas!

Sounds like you had a great time. Love the sketches, especially the one of Kermit's feet. That's a great view. And your mother looks absolutely delighted.

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