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EDM Challenge #145: Draw a Tree


I'd rather sketch 10 buildings - or many figures in motion rather than sketch and paint a tree.  So this was definitely a stretch for me!  I love the gold-orange-red trees of autumn so I take many photographs on my walks.  This tree was on the sidewalk across the street from my son's house in Capitol Hill in Washington DC.  I had no time to sit outside this week and paint, so I was happy to have my recent photo.


Beautiful tree! It's amazing how basic a tree is until you try to paint one.

This is an awesome tree, so delicate, so beautiful. It's buildings that I haven't dared try yet....even trees are daunting. But this is a beaut!

Wow - The color is divine. And so delicate too!

This is wonderful, Shirley! Nice form and feel! And so funny, I'd rather sketch trees anyday! LOL

Sometimes I wish I lived where trees looked like this in fall!!!! The colors are beautiful Shirley!!!!

This is beautiful, as though you paint them all the time!

I love the freedom you have with your watercolors - they're beautifully thought-out, yet have a great life to them.

Good stretch Shirley - you gave this tree a glorious glow! I bet Central Park was loaded with glowing examples to tempt your creative juices!

I like the color~~~~so relaxing

Yep, trees are a lot harder than you would think they'd be. You did a fabulous job, and I love your choice of colors.

Beautiful job, Shirley - I agree - trees are really difficult but this one came out great.

Nothing so good as stretching - you should know that from ballet! Trees are by default just plain hard. Yours looks great, the colours are gentle with your delicate touch and this tree definitely says "autumn". I can imgaine a soft breeze stirring those leaves..

I found your blog & love it! It inspired me to get reconnected with watercolor, drawing, & the world of making art. I wanted to say thanks! I don't think it would have happen if I hadn't have found your beautiful drawings!! Have a great Thanksgiving weekend! Cheers, Kamela

I think it looks great too.......a very nice stretch indeed, Shirley ~ :)

This a one beautiful tree. Well done!

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