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New York Sketches

I still try to do occasional sketches of Manhattan, as if I am a tourist in my own town.  While waiting to meet my daughter and grandson one rainy day this month, I sketched the National Academy of Art - which is just north of the Guggenheim Museum on 5th Ave.  I also did my first sketch of the Status of Liberty - from a poster - using a Juniper Green watercolor pencil.  The head and the uplifted arm had to be redrawn.  






Oh what a great idea, Shirley! Why does it take 'being a tourist' for us to see the wonder all around us?! But it does seem to, doesn't it. I can't imagine what someone else might find in my own backyard to sketch that I overlook day after day! I LOVE the academy and the statue of Liberty! SUPEr job on these! And I"m looking forward to seeing NY again thru your eyes! Keep 'em coming!

These are two great sketches Shirley. You've done a wonderful job on the academy of art museum and your statue looks so formidable!I also like your lantern on the previous post..very well done!

I really like the idea of sketching your own town. Great drawing!

What a great idea - to sketch your hometown as if you are a tourist. These drawings are great!

Wonderful sketches, Shirley. I once went to a student show at the National Academy of Art, and I really loved that a lot of the students were over fifty. You are making me homesick here.

I adore your architectural studies - Great work

Very nicely done. I love the statue in that green pencil. Perfect. Your lines on the museum are so clean.

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