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Figure Drawing Practice: October 1-15

I continue to sketch figures - a few each week.  All of these dancers were drawn from photos.  I still don't draw any faces, but feel more comfortable with dancers bodies than I did at the beginning of 2007.  Wonder when I'll be be brave enough to try a whole person?


Bad planning on my part, so I wasn't able to fit all of the dancer on the page!   



We took our grandchildren Henry and Sydney to their soccer class last week and I sketched these soccer players from photos on their brochure.




These are so terrific, Shirley!! I LOVE the soccer one, and the couple dancing -- my favorite! There is such a delicacy in your line .... that is so appealing!!

These get better and better, Shirley.

Shirley, your figures are fantastic, and even though you left out the facial features, you are dead-on with the face and head shapes. Your progress is wonderful.

Really beautiful drawings, I especially like the couple dancing. Great work!

Great figure sketches again shirley. You do wonderful work with dancing figures, you have a soft touch and a comprehension of the movements and poses of the bodies...I especially love your "Pas de deux".

Well, as much success as you are having with figures I know faces will be easily conquered!

Today I had Michelangelo's David all to myself...for about 15 minutes...what a treat that was! I tried to sketch him and only wish I could do figures as well as you. I would be embarrased to show mine to signore Buonarratti....but to my blogging friends I'll post when I get the chance! Having a great time by the way. Today met up with Robyn in Florence and we had the best afternoon...ciao

Great work, Shirley! Faces are over rated anyway! lol! I think your form and movement are wonderful.

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