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More Figure Drawing Practice - with Michaelangelo




I try to practice sketching figures whenever possible and love to use my recycled Michaelangelo sonnet book (1948) for inspiration.  These were all done from museum sculptures or photos using a Derwent medium wash pencil (gray) or Albrecht Durer watercolor pencil (walnut brown).   


Shirley, these are lovely--you're doing wonderful work.

Shirly -- the delicacy of the hands and feet are exquisite!! I so admire your work here and your commitment ... I am avoiding faces so badly --- but you will inspire me!

Your Michelangelo sketchbook sonnets, picturea and all was a fabulous idea. What a great place to practice figure sketching. With inspiration like that you can't go wrong. I just love the derwent water soluble graphite and are now faithfully included in my little "must carry at all times" art supplies.
I see we are staying near the Tate and close to Vitoria Station so I plan on popping in to see the Turner exhbit while there. Less than a month away! Thank you for all your tips!

Wonderful feet and hands, Shirley. It's such a long time since I've visited and I'm so impressed.

Great figure drawings Shirley...your feet excercises are wonderful!

Came via EDM. Glad somebody else is posting some figure drawings. Love your watercolors, too. Do you ever use watercolor pencils? I've got a set of 24 and have yet to discover a good "flesh" combo. Happy drawing.

These are beautiful, Shirley! That hand is absolutely incredible.

Shirley - these are simply fantastic - your practice is paying off BIG!!!

Simply great sketches! I can see you learned a lot!

These are great sketches! The hands and feet look very natural. Wonderful!

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