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A Trip to the Carousel and EDM Challenge 135 - Salad


We took our grandchildren Henry (just 4) and Sydney (2 1/2) to the Central Park Carousel this week.  We arrived just before 10AM so we were able to see it before it started running.  I even took Sydney to see a nice little horse - but there was no way this otherwise adventurous child was going to get on that horse!  So grandma had a ride on a big horse, all alone, hoping to change her mind - but no.  "When I'm bigger" was all she said!  Henry was also very cautious and rode in the cart behind one of the horses with Grandpa. 


Tonight's dinner salad.  I really did have to sketch and paint it before eating.  I wasn't looking forward to this, but like most EDM challenges I'm glad I did it. 


How much fun - riding the horse! I was too afraid to get on them as a child too, but loved them once embarrassingly older. And your salad looks yum. I love drawing food. Haven't done the salad challenge, but must get on it. You've inspired me!

Loved the vitality of your carousel horses. Our grandson Henry (almost 4 and lives in Sydney so I feel there's some sort of "connection there!) is so much the same about trying new things.

Lucky kids! You guys are the best grandparents...I love your sketches. That salad would make a really good cookbook illustration. Your light, delicate style works so well with drawings of food. I do wish you'd included pictures of you on that horse!

Your salad experience was similar to mine. Nice to see and i like the carousel as well.
Lots of love from Susan in Australia

:-D Grandchildren must be soooo much fun, even if they won't ride carousel horses! What a funny story!
And your salad challenge is great -- love the inside of those tomatoes.

You did an excellent job on the salad. It looks beautiful.

The colors on the horses are so beautifully subtle. Sure does bring back memories...

OH WHAT FUN, Shirley!! I was at a park and carousel with the grands a month ago -- and wouldn't even attempt to sketch those horses! Yours are divine -- and your salad looks great too!

I love your Merry Go Round horsies! I wanted to draw the merrygoround in the park near me but my friend I was out painting with said it would be too hard because they're always moving. How perfect to get there early before they started.

This such a nice fun colourful post! Tthe horses are beautiful and helps to picture "Gramma having fun on her own!!"
Great work and nice tale.

Well I'm glad you gave it a go- I think it came out great.

It seems like a hundred years ago now but I used to take my kids to Central Park. They're in their 40's now..... Thanks for reminding me of those happy days! - Barbara

Great sketches, Shirley. I just love that carousel in CP. One day they'll be brave enough to ride one of the horses.

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