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Big Ben Studies

I recycled an old book on Elizabeth I, encorporating many kinds of watercolor paper for experimentation.  Since we returned from our last visit to London, I periodically play with the image of Big Ben from countless photos I took during our visits and use this recycled book.

Big Ben, even just a silhouette, is as much an iconic symbol for London as the Empire State Building is for New York.  I posted Big Ben #1 on May 24th.  Here are Big Ben monthly entries #2-5 from my Elizabeth  I book.  I'm curious how far I can take this - since I'm not someone who has even been able to work in a series.










I especially love the background in the bottom clock tower. I've had no response from Michael about the EDM superblog, despite repeated tries.

Oh the 3rd is fabulous!!!! I love the technique, the colors, the simplicity....frame it! I ca't believe I'll be in London in another month!!! Nero cafe right? I must have my coffee! We are a few minutes walk from Victoria Station at a B&B. I'm starting to get a bit frazzled about what to fit into 4 days in London!!! Any 'must do's' ????

I just adore this lovely loose sketch with the top of the tower poking through your casually squared off area of fresh colour. Bravo!

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