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EDM Challenge #130: Draw School Supplies


I love books, journals, paper, and almost anything sold in stationary stores - so buying school supplies was always a thrill.  Now my purchases are year round, not just in September, and I love it when we start a new project at work and need to look through catalogues for new supplies. 

At home I'm currently obsessed with the Levenger catalogue and new items for their "circa" notebooks.  Although I have some in all 3 sizes, and even a leather cover for my junior size notebook, I carry the compact notebook that contains index cards in my purse and use it all day long.   I have a punch that makes those great holes along the edge of the card (two pages can be cut from each 5 X 8" index card) and then the tabs wrap around the black circle discs.  Pages are really easy to add or remove - which is the beauty of the system.  The cover of this compact notebook is translucent plastic and I painted a daffodil on watercolor paper which shows through.  The pen that I use for everything is a medium Pilot Easy Touch - I don't have the obsession that many people have for fountain pens!


Nice sketch! - I, too, love sketchbooks, watercolour papers, papers in general and my problem is to start nearly every month a new sketchbook. But, you know, one is better for watercolours, the other better for ink sketches, the other has beautiful brown paper, but isn't good for washes, etc., etc... And don't ask how it is when I go on a trip and have to decide which one I want to have with me?...It takes me hours to decide...

Wonderful drawing as usual, I also love the Levenger catalog. I've always wanted to go to the Shelburn museum and now I will have to go - looks beautiful

Lovely drawing, I like the way you have made it your own book with the daffodil. I also love blank books and can't resist buying them. I almost did the spiral note book for the challenge, love yours.

This is great Shirley - I've been enjoying your travel sketches too. My daughter also has an addiction to school supplies that even art supplies won't satisfy!

It's in our genetic makeup to be attracted paper, pens, pencils, and colors. Or, is it the child in us? Whatever the reason, there's something magical about it all. After fighting fountain pens and inks for decades, I'm all for disposable pens that suit the purpose.

Love your sketches. Pardon me while I dash to the store for some paper and pens.

Great sketches!

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