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EDM Challenge #131: Draw a Spray Bottle


I always love doing the EDM Challenges and try to make them a learning experience.  I still have a great deal of difficulty with reflections, so I chose my clear green plastic spray bottle for this sketch.  I think the transparent surface is recognizeable, but the few light reflections that I saw aren't very apparent.  More practice needed!! 


Very nice Shirely, I think you captured these Quite Well!!

Nice; I like your light, airy touch. My attempts at the EDM challenges often tend to be a bit heavy-handed and overworked.

I think you managed well to suggest the transparency of the material, even without much in the way of reflections.

nice job shirley

Very nice, Shirley. I think you captured the transparency quite well. And, as usual, your colors are gorgeous.

Very nice spray bottle! And you did the reflections very well! To paint reflections, I force myself to paint what I actually see, not what I t h i n k I see. Sometimes it works, sometimes not...;-))

What lovely clean lines! I love the transparency and I think you've captured it beautifully.

I like the way you framed the challenge, and looked at your subject from multiple points of view.

I think you pulled off the transparent bottle beautifully! Great work.

The transparency is definitely there - I have the same problem with watercolor and light reflections - you have to plan from the beginning, and I usually think of them at the end! I love the way you've composed this sketch - great job.

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