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"Travel Sketchbook" Manhattan


One of my goals for 2007 is to sketch in my own city as if I were on an exotic vacation.  Manhattan is so large and so varied, from neighborhood to neighborhood, that I will never tire of the scenes.  This is one apartment building on 5th Ave - in the 80s - as seen looking Southeast through foliage in Central Park.  I think these are terraces associated with the penthouse(s), but the roof watertank is also probably housed in one of these structures.


what a clever lady...wish I could draw like that - you make it look so easy!

Oh, this is my goal too but I have to pluck up courage! I'd love to see your drawings but for some reason they haven't been opening for me for a few weeks now.

SUPERB!!! And it's so neat to see Manhattan thru your eyes, Shirley!

I am looking forward to your sketches of NYC. When I lived
in New York in the '50's I spent a lot of time just
walking through different neighborhoods, enjoying the
variety of scenes and people. I lacked your courage to
capture it in a sketchbook and wish I had one now.

This is wonderful - I hope you keep going with this series!

Shirley, do you have an email? How long have you been painting? Can a person learn in their 30s?

Good job! This will be fun to watch!

This is lovely!

Shirley, you've done so many great sketches, since I've dropped by the last time, quite a while ago...they're varied and well done, I enjoy them all and I think your series on your own surroundings is great...keep going.
and then...thank you for the birthday wishes...wonderful to be feeling so special that one day of the year!

Yes Shirley, a wonderful endeavor, if only I could join you regularly - ahhhh. Keep them coming.

A lovely perspective - it must be strong to have a reservoir built in.

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