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Sketching People - More Practice


After a trip to several art supply stores the other day, I stopped for a quick lunch and some people-watching in Union Square.  Since Casey's visit, I am more likely to just quickly sketch anyone who doesn't move too much, so here are 3 folks that were sitting across from me.  They were sketched with Derwent light wash pencils.


I am also trying to do quick sketches (10 min) from my Nude Figure art book - to try to force myself to learn something without going to life drawing classes.


Very nice, Shirley! I think I could recognize all of them - you're good at capturing personal details.

This is soft and lovely, you do GREAT work with the human form! I will have to force myself to sketch people when I can - I also got the Dewent pencils after using Caseys.

Shirley! I thought I responded to this ages ago!!! Mi scusa! I LOVE the skyline! The bit of stormy clouds, the tops of buildings -- what a terrific job on the perspective (my enemy!) SUPER SUPER!

Wonderful sketches and great figure practice.

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