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EDM Challenge #126 : Draw a Sponge


This was a really difficult challenge for me.  I clearly need more practice seeing, sketching, and painting textures.  The pie-shaped section is my attempt to paint a close-up of the bathroom sponge surface.  Out of frustration I added a foam brush - a quasi-sponge! 


Yes, sponges and textures are DEFINITELY challenging -- but you did a good job on these, Shirley! I love the artist sponge especially!!

Shirely this is an interesting approach to the sponge challenge - Mine was so lame I am not posting it(coward) - I like this week's sky challenge and Need work on skyscapes - should be fun !

Hi Shirley! I still haven't gotten around to this one - you've got wonderful variety here. As always, I love your precise approach.

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