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London Visit: Part 29 Terrorism


Our daughter, her husband, and our 3 grandchildren left their lovely, rented Chelsea home at 7:30 AM Friday - and we  came back in the house for our continued minivacation, only to see the breaking news on BBC.  We decided to stay in for the morning to see BBC/CNN news coverage of the suspicious car discovered on Haymarket.  While we watched the news unfold, I sketched my photo of Piccadilly Circus - taken earlier in the week.  I still need to add watercolor wash, but wanted to post this as the the first of my 3 journal pages on this morning when the London threat level has been raised to critical.   


After lunch on Friday we took a bus to Westminster to walk around Big Ben - to see what sections of  Parliament were reopened since our February visit.  We were amazed how many people were out and about - all appearing relatively unconcerned about the possibility of terrorism.  I took many new photos of Big Ben so I could continue to play with the image in a series of sketches and then we visited Westminster Hall.  We have vivid memories of our visit there in 1970 - and weren't able to see it again until now.  When we came out the helicopters that were hovering over Piccadilly area had moved slightly west, but we didn't learn about the closure of Park Lane and the robotic exam of the second car until we arrived home. 


Saturday morning we left early for a visit to Portobello Road Market - in the rain - and I took this photo of our Circle Line train arriving at the Sloane Square Station.  We walked back to Chelsea during intermittent heavy showers - and then learned about the Glasgow Airport incident.  Foot traffic along King's Road and in Peter Jones Department Store during their big sale was unchanged from the usual Saturday afternoon crush.  We are watching local news, but will continue with our plans for today and remain hopeful that this Critical Threat alert will end shortly.



hope all of you are well and will stay well. friends of ours are leaving germany today to attend a wedding in london. somehow that is disturbing, with all the incidents that happened the past days.
nevertheless london is a great city. i love it and always eenjoy my stay there.

Shirley -- terrific sketches as always! And mercy, what a time for us all -- be safe ....!!!

I like your views of London much better than the ones I've been seeing on TV. I hope all goes well and you have a pleasant, uneventful time there.

I agree with Jana that your London sketches are better than TV (we've been seeing lots of Big Ben the past few days). Your love of the city transfers to your sketches. I would really love to see them all in a collection someday...along with your stories...and can I have a signed copy? I can't wait to see the Picadilly Circus one in color. I've been there once, in the rain but remember how the area was still in full swing with lights and movement! Have a safe trip home.

These are all so amazing Shirley - fantastic detail in the cityscape - it would take me all day to get one of these done.

Glad you are all safe and well. These are wonderful sketches and I'm sure your sketchbooks will being you many happy memories.

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