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EDM Challenge #125: Draw a Bird


SWAN IN HYDE PARK, LONDON.  As I type this Hyde Park remains evacuated and Park Lane closed as police use a robot to investigate a suspicious car parked in/near the underground car park (under Hyde Park with entrance on Park Lane).  This follows the discovery of a car bomb on Haymarket at 1AM in Central London.  We spent the afternoon at Westminster Hall and Parliament and the crowds didn't look as if they even knew that there was a huge area closed around Piccadilly Circus. 

I took this swan photo when we were here in December. 


Shirley, I heard about the bomb scare in London on the news. Hope there is nothing behind the suspicious car situation. I LOVE your swan. It is just beautiful. Your defining of the bird's shape by painting blue watery shapes around it and the gentle modeling of beak are masterful. The composition is bold and strong. This is your best painting so far, in my opinion.

Oh Shirley, I hope you all stay SAFE (what ever is this world coming to?)

And yet this swan is magical - just lovely - and the water effect you achieved is supurb!

Keep safe Shirley...Beautiful swan, if only everything was as pure!

I heard about the bomb threat on the news also.....stay safe, Shirley ~

Lovely swan! Very soft and delicate ~

WHAT A FRIGHTENING TIME, Shirley -- please stay safe!! And so gracious, what a grace-filled beautiful swan!

Beautiful swan Shirley! Stay safe.

This is so beautiful. I love the loose way you did the watery washes and the bird's happy and serene face.

So sorry your area is having those bombs & bomb scares. It's heartening to see your swan in the midst of all that. Will be thinking of you and all of London in the next few days as it all gets sorted out. -- Lori, Florida-Alabama Gulf Coast (US)

Your swan is unique and beautiful.
Be safe.

It's fascinating to see what you are up to Shirley! :) I've been thinking of you, I would have loved to have met up but it's been too short a trip. Your sketches are super, obviously the terrible weather hasn't deterred you!

Your swan is very lovely. Beautiful rendering. It must have been very scary for everyone over there. I'm thankful the car didn't detonate. Keep safe!

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