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San Antonio, TEXAS


We lived in San Antonio for 18 years - and I never considered sketching the Alamo.  While there on a business trip this week I sat on a curb in Alamo Plaza under the hot Texas sun and sketched this picture of the original front of the mission.  Then, to capture more of the flavor of the city, I sketched Lucchese boots the next day.




Shirley, it is such fun to see these San Antonio vignettes. It always surprises me when I'm reminded that you have San Antonion in your past (you wrote this in a comment to my blog when I visited that city this spring) ---you seem so New York/London ;D. I'm a fan of your pale washes and delicate lines!

Isn't it funny how we can ignore what is in our own back yards, but after some distance we're drawn right to it? Great sketch of the Alamo, and I love the boots.

Nicely done, Shirley! Mercy, gal, you sure do travel .. I envy you that!

These are wonderful, Shirley. I used to live in New Mexico and theese both bring back memories of the southwest. Thanks.

Lovely Shirley, you achieved a wonderful mottled shading in the stone and the boots are a hoot - have a safe trip - see you soon!

My goodness San Antonio to London in the same week - what a change!

Do you fancy going to see the Turner Watercolours at Tate Britain?

I love San Antonio! I love your sketches too! I sat once years ago under that same hot Texan sun and sketched the snowcone vendor and the musicians in the plaza...

Great sketches and lovely delicate washes as usual...I also want to visit San Antonio!

I've done the same thing, and I think everyone has. You live somewhere that has great parks and attractions and you never go there. I've resolved not to make the same mistake now that we are in our new home. WE are going to see every inch of this state! lol! These are great sketches. My husband has told me wonderful things about Texas. He goes there on business frequently and one of these days, the kdis and I will go with him.

Yep! I think you've captured the city in just two drawings. Perfect!

Lovely sketches as usual, Shirley. Now that I'm finally sketching a can't believe I missed so many sketching opportunities in my life. Now I need to live as long as Georgia O'Keeffe in order to make up.

Two weeks ago I visited the Alamo and was most touched by the site. I live in Guilford, CT. I feel that you have definitely captured the essence of this historic site in your sketch. I also like your image of the boots.

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