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EDM Challenge #124: Draw Something Yellow




We arrived in London on Tuesday and the only interesting yellow object to sketch was my grandson's toy tractor.  It gave me lots of practice with perspective and he always remembers pages in my sketchbook that relate to him.  Even my 2 1/2 year old grand daughter asked to see a page of her toys that I did last October - that are in a London travel sketchbook that is back in New York.  I photographed my journal page and then resized it with Photoshop Elements. 


these are FUNtastic Shirley, love the details on the tires and engine. after my son, who is now 4, kept insisting I draw things for him, when he was almost 3 I bought him his own sketchbook (a black Canson, perfect bound type, not with spirals, that way it's like his little book of drawings). Now he carries it around and still asks me to draw stuff for him on it. He even has his own button on my blog to check the drawings. It's great practice for me and fun for him. Thanks for sharing and have a nice time in London.

I LOVE these tractors! What a fun subject. I didn't realize they were toys until I read your post. It's so great that you have this to share with your grandkids - you are building some wonderful memories with them.

Shirley, These are beautifully done, full of fun - and something your grandson will remember for years!

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