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EDM Challenges #122 (Shade) & #123 (Bell)

EDM Challenge #122:  Drawing shade was really difficult for me because it required me to paint a landscape.  I took a photo walking through Central Park last Friday, with my husband and grandson, because I wasn't able to stop to sketch it.  Then I procrastinated and did 4 journal pages since then - including the next challenge.  The area of the Park is so beautiful that I will also include my photo.


I simplified this scene and structure considerably from the photo (or I would never have done it).  Here is the photo:


EDM Challenge #123: Draw a Bell

I have no bells in our apartment except for Christmas ornaments which are packed away.  Then my husband remembered my bear - complete with his own bell.  I was a frantic mother when my two sons went on a camping trip in Alaska and there were so many bear/bear bell stories that my boys brought me this really cute, plush bear.  I sketched it for the first time on a journal page that I prepared with a brown wash - right after I developed my blog at the beginning of 2006.  And I sketched and painted it again for this challenge.  Here are both versions.


 Bear Bell2.jpg





what a pretty arbor...and must be nice and cool in there. I love the bear bells! I have a bear bell on my backpack! Yes, it's there to really warn bears...here I come...

For the landscape - i'm in the same boat :P I love the way you've drawn and shaded the piece. and for the bell you can see that the lines are much more confident now - both the drawing and the writing! I like both of them though.

Shirley, I love your interpretation of shade, it's so cooling. And the bear bell is adorable! Well done.

What a cute story and great to include an old rendition - the first is full of personality but the second has so much depth and definition - Great work!!

Oops I forgot both challenges were attached to the same comment link - the park bridge/arbor is lovely, I think you captured just what should have been captured and the one character is perfectly balanced (but then you do figures so well) Great challenge and submission!

Fabulous job on your shade painting-jus beautiful!! And love the bear bells too.

These are wonderful! I will be in NY in 2 weeks and will definitely sketch in Central Park.

AWESOME Shirley! To get that perspective so beautiful ... wow!!!! SUPERIOR job! And I LOVE the BELL!!!!

An adorable little bear bell!
Nice work on the park scne...you did a great job on simplifying the scene...it looks so nice and tranquil

ShirleyIthink you've captured a cooling shade very well- (you know,I am still loath to include human figures in land or street 'scapes'. Yours leads the eye nicely through the arbor, I feel.

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