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Every Day in May: May 21st

85219984@N00.jpg  I continue to practice figure drawing and my Yoga Book was the inspiration for this quick sketch.  I don't "do yoga" and never have - so I only know that this is Shoulderstand Cycle from the figure legend under the photograph.  My husband is watching me type all of this and just said "That is a better foot!"  I certainly hope I am improving, if only a minute amount with each sketch!





Wow! I am truly impressed! And, she's upside down and bent! You really pulled this one off while maintaining your nice looseness.

You have definitely improved. Pull out some older journals for comparison, and you will see the older ones are okay, but the newer ones are so much better.

What a great sketch!!! You could use this for cards and sell it to yoga enthusiasts!!

This IS a great sketch. That's a hard position to draw, I suspect, but you did wonderfully.

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