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Every Day in May and EDM Challenge #119: May 19 and 20

85219984@N00.jpg  May 19th:  I sketched my EDM Challenge while at the Metropolitan Museum of Art yesterday on the World Wide Sketchcrawl.  Rocks are a little hard to find in my immediate neighborhood and the weather was too awful to go into Central Park to paint one of the big rocks.  So I painted 3 big rocks that make up the side wall of the Temple of Dendur (15 B.C.E.).  This allowed me to really focus on the engraved drawings - which are wonderful.  There are approximately 5-6 figures down each side of the Temple and I don't think that any two are the same.


May 20th:  I walked 10 blocks from home, looked around, and sketched a small piece of the roofline of the Jewish Museum on 5th Avenue in Manhattan.  There was a man sitting on the one of the benches painting the facade in a wonderfully loose, impressionistic style.  I sat on the curb (because 5th Avenue was closed to traffic) and tried to just capture a little of the essence of the complicated architecture and decoration.  I love the aged copper portions.




love the egyptian...and the roof is suh a nice delicate color...lovely job as usual Shirley...darn I CANNOT type tonite...

What a lovely idea (10 blocks from home) and you certainly have a fabulous 10 blocks to work with - Great start with this sketch.

I love that temple. Sister and I didn't go into the Met last week; we got there only 45 minutes before closing time so decided to continue up the street to the Guggenheim instead.

Love the drawing of the museum!some nice dlicate lines here..

The Metropolitan is one of my favortie museums. I've yet to explore all it's treasures. Your everyday in may sketches are wonderful and I love how you rendered the Jewish Museum.

Beautiful sketches! Anything you want is in NYC, I think. I don't particularly like cities, but I have a soft spot in my heart for NY. I envy you being there. Keep up the wonderful work.

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