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Every Day in May: May 28th and 29th


May 28th: I really like my new book - Nude Figures for Artists - and can probably spend the next year sketching these models without running out of inspiration.  This was a quick sketch done with colored pencil - no faces yet and pretty poor hands.  But those are challenges that I will work on!  Michaelangelo on the left and me on the right.  Again having problems with the rough paper - the model didn't have hairy legs!


May 29th:  I went downtown early this morning to buy a gift for my daughter-in-law who will graduate from Medical School this afternoon!  She will begin her Pediatric Residency in June and we will still babysit their son Robbie on Fridays!  I then continued to walk downtown, through Washington Square, in the direction of Dick Blick.  I stopped for a cup of coffee and did this quick sketch at the SE corner of the park.  The proprietor cleaned and polished his cart the entire time I watched!




Your figure sketching is coming along nicely Shirley and I simply love that cart!!!

I love the cart! They are so cheerful, these carts1

Shirley your New York sketches are wonderful, and your nude is cool. The vendor cart is beautifully done too, it really does look cheerful!

Nice sketches. Now I really need a hot dog, and it's all your fault!

Don't worry about hands. Bodies have too many parts to worry about all of them at one time. Get them in general proportion, and the details will one day be easy. I've realized recently that although my hands aren't great, they are suddenly easier than before.

I just spent some time reviewing all your sketches that I have missed. They are so wonderful.

Shirley, your sketches are always so full of light!! Really good!!!

Great sketches. Hands AND feet are challenges for me. When I was in art school I got yelled at by one of my teachers for sketching a model with his hands behind him. When I admitted I couldn't draw hands, my teacher gave me an ongoing assignment to draw hands for each of his classes in addition to the regular assignments. Im knew what he was trying to do, but I still waws angry. Now I will draw hands, but they still are a challenge for me. Something about those long fingers....

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