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Every Day in May: May 30th and May 31st


May 30th: There is a wonderful wall display of amphoras in the new Greek and Roman Galleries at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  I was really attracted to the composition, the colors, and the shadows.


May 31st:  Big Ben has such an intricate guilded structure around the clock face and I could see the details when I zoomed in on my photo.  I used W and N gold gouache for all of the gold.  This is the second sketch in my Big Ben series in my recycled Elizabeth I book.



This is the final sketch in my "Every Day in May" series.  For me this project was an exercise in uploading my daily sketch rather than doing a daily sketch.  It was time consuming on work days when I was tired.  I also didn't like the slight change in my attitude toward my daily sketch, i.e. I actually had to upload whatever I produced each day.  The major advantage is to have a full months body of work saved on my blog - and it really is eclectic: figure drawing including yoga poses and nudes; museum sketches as I repeatedly visited the Metropolitan Museum of Art; several pages in my recycled books: the 10 blocks series of NYC and Big Ben; and of course the EDM Challenges!






Beautiful, as always. I love your use of color.

Congratulations on doing your may drawings. It should be nice not to have to scan and upload images daily. Relax and enjoy your artwork, upload it when you have the time, and I will return to appreciate it.

What a fun place to visit. Love those shapes and vases.

coollll stuff...great job!

great job as usual...lovely sketches

well, I just loved following along on your may challenge and enjoyed each and every day!!! I think I need to buy a telephoto lens when I go to Europe...so I can come home and see it all close up!

Congratulations - from what I've been reading it's def. the scanning/posting that wears people a bit - would me too, but it's a tremendous achievement and something you can look back on onlinme anytime you want to. Lovely sketches, these last two,too

Congratulations on being successful and finishing the challenge Shirley.

I always think I could never do something like this - and then remember I do post pretty much every day. However the excitement for me is that despite a long list of 'to do' blog posts and drafts I often don't quite know what I'm going to be posting about and so it can often present me with a bit of a mental challenge first thing every morning - which is no bad thing methinks!

It's interesting who posts in the morning and who posts at night. If I posted at night I'm rather afraid it would never happen.

Congratulations on finished the every day in May challenge, Shirley!! Lovely sketches!

Well done on the challenge! I love the shadows under the amphorae and the detail on Big Ben!

Shirley, I just went back and looked at your work from the last two weeks - it's really impressive. I so admire your attention to detail and mastery of perspective. Your buildings are such an inspiration - but I'll never have the patience to get it so right! Congratulations on completing the challenge as well!

Sometimes I think the benefits of drawing every day are hidden to us for a while, but they are always substantial! regardless of how we may feel about individual drawings. So, congratulations! You did yourself a big favor.

You've done a lovely job on those pots - well done to see the potential of them for a sketch. It is nice to see a whole month's work. Thank you.

I can see why you were captivated by the composition and shadows with that pottery. Beautiful representation of the subject. Your Beg Ben series is quite interesting. I love looking at your sketches.

I've just found the very same thing - the sketching a day is no problem but the scanning, posting and writing is very time consuming! Lovely detail. The building is so ornate, this is probably the best way to capture it!

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