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Every Day in May: May 27th


It was a lovely cool morning and I decided that an early visit to the Met was a perfect way to spend the morning.  I stopped at the Southeast Corner for a quick sketch for my 10 Block series of NYC journal pages and to wait for the Museum to open.  At this corner, I sketched just one window of the windows from the Greek and Roman Galleries - and the amorphous stone sculpture that sits among the bushes. 


Inside, I wandered through more of the exhibits in the new Greek and Roman Galleries and saw the chariot for the first time.  I found one more marble figure to sketch and then went to find a small iron hunting dog in another part of the Museum.  I saw it previously and loved the shape.  Unfortunately, the body is longer than my page was wide and I didn't realize it until the end.  I will resketch it from photos so I have a better image.


I sketched the marble figure with a colored pencil and the dog with a Derwent Sketching Pencil (light wash).  I was then able to use my Niji waterbrush to add the gray color to the dog.  I love playing with those pencils!  And they are great for Museum sketching. 



These are gorgeous, Shirley! Your work has such a distinctive style ...!

I just recently happened on your site and am now totally captivated by your daily activity. I think we share some interests. I like quilting and sewing ... I enjoy watercolor art (although I am hardly in your league) ... and have a thing for paper and journals. I like your sense of composition and color, and have learned from reading your entries, becoming motivated by your creativity. EDM challenges are new to me, but I have begun working on them. Thank you for sharing your talents.

That's a lovely exterior sketch.

You are making me want to visit the States!

Beautiful work on the arch, Shirley and the statue and the dog is so doggy.

These are lovely sketches, I really like your delicate use of color. You have really gotten the proportions of the nude just right. Very nice.

Beautiful sketches. I especially like your line work on that window.

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