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Every Day in May: May 25th and 26th

85219984@N00.jpg  Memorial Day weekend in the US, which means 3 days off work - and beautiful weather.  Many New Yorkers escape for the country or open beach houses.  Others, like us, love the city during the summer - it seems slower and neighborhood restaurants are less crowded. 

Yesterday I did another lesson from my Anne Elsworth Watercolor Skills Workbook:  Painting an all-white still life with a monochromatic color scheme.


Today my husband and I took a late afternoon subway ride to Battery Park - I had NEVER been on the Staten Island Ferry - a free 30 minute ride across New York Harbor.  Here are two pictures that I took from the railing - one on the way out of the ferry slip and the second one as we were returning to Manhattan.  I loved every minute of the ride, including the path past the Statue of Liberty.



After our ferry ride, we stopped for dinner at Battery Gardens - and sat on their outdoor patio overlooking the harbor.  I was able to sketch another table - and also do a 3 minute sketch of one of the huge sailboats that quickly passed our table.





Lovely sketches Shirley...the still life and the tables scene with the umbrella...they're all evidence of the lovely day you have had...uou captured the atmosphere beautifully!

...again very nice sketches, Shirley! I like especially the one with the couple sitting under the umbrella! But the "white-in-white"-watercolour is very good, too!

Yesterday as I was sketching in a little french bistro in San Diego, CA., I wondered if all over the world there were others like me who were sketching the world around them.....I guess you were one of them! I was with my husband and daughter and so only had time to sketch and not paint. Do you find time to paint in your sketches as you do them or do you do that at home? If you paint while out sketching, what art kit do you take along with you? Loved all your sketches!!!

that still life looks saturated in light. Very beautiful. Interesting too, for me to see your photos of New York - it makes it seem much closer, somehow - and more exciting!

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