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Every Day in May: EDM Challenge #120 and May 24th


May 23rd: EDM Challenge #120 - Draw a Flashlight

We have lots of flashlights, but I love how long this one is - I guess to use in tight spaces.   



May 24th:  More Figure Practice from my new book - a book of nude photos for artists by Mark Edward Smith.  I need lots of practice and will be very happy when the Every Day in May challenge is over so I don't need to upload sketchbook pages every day!  Some of my practice figures would be best left unseen!  And I still hate rough paper. 





Nicely done sketches! I like the smooth & shiny texture of the flashlight. :)

That's a great flashlight sketch, Shirley. I really like the way you're showing us different angles, and you've done the reflectiveness of the metal and of the glass really well. Nice gray sheen too. I don't like using textured paper for any of my pencil work, I try to find the smoothest that I can, so I know what you mean!

Nice job Shirley..hang in there ...we are almost at the end...

Nice work, Shirley! I too hate rough paper to draw on and I want to buy even smoother paper than I'm currently working with ~

Great flashlight and your figure is wonderful, too.

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