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14th Worldwide Sketchcrawl: New York City

85219984@N00.jpg Another rainy day in New York City so the Sketchcrawl group switched the location from Southstreet Seaport to the Metropolitan Museum of Art (my 4th trip this week!).  We spread out in the new Greek and Roman Galleries and sketched - ancient sculptures and visitors.  I was really happy that Paula (an EDM member from Brazil who I met last Fall) joined me.  We had fun catching up as we sat on one of the many benches that are scattered throughout the beautiful sculptures.

Since I really want to learn how to sketch figures in 2007, I used this opportunity to sketch as many sculptures as I could before we went to the Museum cafeteria with the rest of the group.  I loved the fact that none of these sculptures had heads, hands or feet.  I'm not up to those lessons in my self-imposed curriculum yet.

These sketches were done with a Faber-Castell Polychromos pencil in a Moleskine watercolor journal.




Nice sketches...boy you lead the good life...two days at the met...i would settle for one:> got to get to NYC one day...


Shirley these are just lovely and in perfect perportion - Really Nice - I agree I find the head and hands very difficult, as though I think too much about them instead of just sketching what I see

Just beautiful sketches...what a great idea for drawing figures (and for sketchcrawling out of the rain)!

Beautiful, beautiful sketches.

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