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Watercolor Skills Workbook

In 2003 I purchased Winsor-Newton watercolors in primary colors and Anne Elsworth's book entitled Watercolor Skills Workbook - 10 easy lessons.  However, it wasn't until July 2005 that I partially retired and in September joined EDM.  I'm finally starting to slowly go through the 10 lessons - and doing a few of the exercises and projects.   

Lesson one recommends a basic palette and then outlines exercises to mix secondary and complementary colors.  I mixed Winsor lemon and French ultramarine to make green and then added varying amounts of cad red to mix complemetaries.  These were used to paint houses from a painting by Camille Pisarro (The Hermitage at Pointoise - posted March 13th).

 I'm now posting 2 projects from lesson 2: 

Project 1. Drawing a still life on mirror tiles: I took several items from my china closet and sketched them on a round mirror.  It was fun, but I'm not sure I would know this "busy painting" is because of reflections in a mirror if I didn't know it.


Project 2.  Painting the silhouette of buildings:  This is a painting of the Tower of London rooflines from a photo that I took during our October visit.  I loved doing this project and will probably paint more photos from the series of photos that I took that day!




Interesting lessons Shirley. That mirror still life is different. I might have to try that. Keep showing us these great examples.

Both of these drawings are beautiful. I love the items on the mirror tray and the colors are pretty. And the London buildings/roofs are really nice. I like your use of minimalist ink drawing and color wash. The pig is cute too! Nice bowl below too (I also love French Onion soup).

Don't underestimate yourself, Shirley. I knew immediately it was reflections in a mirror. That little pig is quite a character. There's a children's book in him. He probably has a passion for French onion soup - and that could be very dangerous for a marzipan pig!

Hiya! These are just wonderful. I bet doing the mirror one was difficult.

lovely lovely drawings. Throughout your blog.

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